In Ukraine, started a real war with the debtors on loans and utility payments

09.03.2011 13:00
March 8 in Ukraine started a real war with the debtors.

Enters into force the new law "On Enforcement Proceedings, which significantly enhances the ability to obtain debt: to hide their assets will be much more difficult, as travel abroad without paying, say, light and gas, in addition, to move out of home by court, the person will now be obliged within two weeks instead of two months, wrote today.

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However, the law prohibits the removal of your sole flats, if the debt does not exceed 9,400 hryvnia. Also there was a responsibility for the threats and beatings gosispolniteley angry debtors. Now the culprit is not only fined 1700-2400 UAH. But also can plant for 2-5 years. But the act or omission gosispolnitelya both creditors and the debtor can only be appealed in writing to the head and wait for a response.

According to the newspaper Today, Ukrainians to the law are treated differently. For the law are those who, for example, over the years can not achieve a collection of arrears of alimony. Well, against, of course, those who have debts on loans or utility bills.

According to the lawyer Basil Miroshnichenko, the law will somehow begin to cope with the debt crisis that people do not want to pay, in spite of court decisions. "Essentially should accelerate the process of debt collection because before every decision singer was obliged to negotiate with the debtor, but the new law, it is not necessary.

It is right that artists have the right to free access to all databases, which are listed in the debtor's property - the base BTI (apartments), GAI (cars), the land register - Miroshnichenko said. - Logically, gosispolniteli directly (not through the Ministry of Internal Affairs) have the right to restrict the debtors leave abroad, because for many procedures zabyurokratizovannosti indebted large amounts manage to leave forever. "

Lawyer Tatyana Montyan believes that "the debts now give only cowards and fuckers": "I wanted him to help the implementation of court decisions, and it is hard to believe. Artists are still a little interested in dislodging the vast debts - in this case, bribes to tighten things far outweigh the award for his performance. "

TOP 10 chips "money-grubbing LAW"

HOUSING will not exclude IF YOU HAVE UP TO 10 000 UAH.

If the amount of debt does not exceed 10 sizes minzarplaty (January 1 - 9410 UAH.) Prohibited foreclose on the debtor's only housing and land on which it is located.

In other words, if you have more than 9410 USD. and to compensate them due to the fact that you have, you can not - your unique apartment can pick up. In this case, people either buy a smaller area housing (if the balance after payment of the debt it will), or he would shoot someone else's corners.

Second apartment can be arrested for a small DEBT

Gosispolnitel won the right to recover a debt from the property, including real estate, because now he decides to take you.

Lawyer Vasily Miroshnichenko said that the old law a debtor has the right to self determine, for a property in the first penalty is imposed, the new does not. But pointed out that the singer should recover a debt from the property only in the amount and the amount necessary to repay debt, pay for executive actions (eg, arrest and seizure of the car - to call a tow truck) and all fines. That is, if a person has two apartments and a car - and the duty of 5000 UAH. Then it is impossible for it to arrest the apartment - just cars.

I mean apartment for little debt can be arrested only if the arrest is nothing more (no TV, no furniture, no appliances), and if this is your second apartment. But this may turn into a loss of housing for low debt, if someone (the powers that be or the bank) liked your home, or he just wants to spoil things: an apartment on the court allegedly sold at auction, but it is much cheaper than market price, the claimant will take away a thousand and spending on the courts, and the remainder returned to you.

TO GO: two weeks instead of two months

Evicted from housing for the debts must release it within two weeks. After its expiration gosispolnitel can evict him at any moment (it was 60 days).

HIDE PROPERTY was difficult

To test how the property you have, the marshal received free access to all databases: BTI, MREO, land cadastre. Previously, the debtor (the same alimentschikam) managed to build itself from the "poor relatives", said the performers.


Household appliances, personal property worth up to 2550 UAH. and expensive (if the debtor does not object) is sold through commission trade, and real estate, cars, ships, boats and aircraft - only at auction.

For debts of alimony "NASTUCHAT" MILITIA

For child support debt for more than three months the Executive has the right to sell the debtor's property. If you do not pay child support six months or more, the criminal responsibility (a fine 1700-3400 UAH. Or public works 80-120 hours, or ispravraboty up to 1 year or restriction of freedom up to 2 years).

Restricted to travel abroad

Gosispolnitel has the right to a court to temporarily restrict the right to leave the debtor-physical persons or head of the debtor-legal entity outside of Ukraine, until the decision of the court is satisfied - the payment of any debt (from credit and the "communal" to alimony), or eviction. This applies zagrankomandirovok, tourist trips, departure for permanent residence.


For neglect, failure by the debtor without a valid reason gosispolnitelya requirements, as well as unrestored at work illegally sacked the head of the company - a fine of 240-680 UAH. Repeated failure - a double penalty and criminal prosecution (earlier this was not).


Gosispolnitel, which provide timely execution of executive documents in full, gets 5% of the collection, taken from a debtor, none more than 50 untaxed minimum (NM is 17 hryvnia), ie up to 850 UAH. Previously, it was 2%, or 240 USD.


For influence over gosispolnitelya in any form (persuasion, threats, attempted to bribe) in order to hamper the exercise of his duties - a fine of up to 100 nm (1700 USD). Ispravraboty or up to 1 year, or arrest up to 3 months. For resistance gosispolnitelyu (non-admission in his apartment, preventing seizure of property or car) - a fine 100-200 nm (1700-2400 UAH.) Or arrest for 3-6 months, or restraint of liberty for a term of 2 years. The use of violence to gosispolnitelyu or threat of violence (for example: "I'll kill you!") - The restriction of liberty for up to 5 years or imprisonment for 2-5 years.

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