In Ukraine, registered Green Building Council

16.02.2012 01:15
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine, registered Green Building Council In Ukraine, officially registered NGO "Green Building Council» (UaGBC), reported the press service of the organization. Currently the Council has the status of ProspectiveMember (the first stage of accreditation WorldGreenBuildingCouncil, WGBC). The main objective of the Council - coalition of organizations and professionals who adhere to the principles of its "green" building. As the priorities of the Council allocates the following: - the introduction of international standards for "green" building in Ukraine, - changes in Ukrainian legislation to promote "green" trend in the construction industry - certification of buildings in accordance with the "green" standards - conduct roundtables for professional construction and energy sectors - to popularize the ideas of "green" building by building and supporting web-portal, etc. The Council brings together companies, organizations and individuals interested in promoting sustainable development principles into real estate projects and environmentally friendly construction. Among the founders UaGBC worth noting "Delta Proektkonsalt Ukraine", "Knauf Insulation Ukraine», ArtBuildHotelGroup, Roedl & Partner, BetenInternational, Drees & Sommer, architect Tatiana Ernst. "We went to the Board on the" green "building, as we see some promise in this direction of development in Ukraine. Our company is familiar with the practice of public organizations around the world, and we are pleased that this practice has come in our country. Universal usiliyamiudastsya to budge on the issue and the promotion of SCP materials and technologies ", - otmetilAndrey Pavlik, director of« Knauf Insulation Ukraine "UaGBCvhodit of the World Green Building Council (WGBC). Because of this, the Council members will receive support from the international professional community on the practical application of the principles of "green" building in real estate projects in Ukraine. Council members also will be provided information support and assistance in finding new projects and partners for real estate projects and business development. Council plans to organize seminars, workshops and conferences devoted to "green" building, training and advanced training, participation in the development of legislative and regulatory framework, promotion of sustainable development ideas, both in professional circles and among the general population. The Board also plans to establish long-term cooperation with all organizations interested in the development of this direction. Today we started cooperation with the National Union of Architects, the Green Council of Kiev National
University of Engineering and Architecture, UkrainianRealEstateClub.

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