In Ukraine, offering housing loans to 15 years

26.08.2010 14:30
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine, offering housing loans to 15 years Company Centrostal-Domstal "together with the Austrian partner" Volksbank offers housing loans at 15 years. This the press service of the company.
As noted in the company's construction sites are produced by a light steel frame. The average cost of housing built on this technology, ranging from $ 700 per square. m
Path "Volksbank", in turn, loans to developers for 60% of the value of the object, bail suschestvueschego real estate. Credit is given only for 15 years (with possibility of early repayment).
The loan agreement provides for the following scheme lending:

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- 1 st year loan the borrower pays in equal installments of 18% of the amount of the loan, the interest for the use of loan funds are paid at the rate of 0.01% per annum, the monthly fee of 0,5% of the initial loan amount is paid in full + 1 % (one-time commission);
- In the 2-year 15 credit difference between the amount of granted loans and the amount that is payable during the first year of lending divided in equal parts by the end of the period of loan, interest on the loan is calculated as the actual debt of the loan multiplied by the interest rate (9.5 % per annum), multiplied by the actual number of days using a credit divided by the number of days per year (per 365/366 days). Monthly fee of 0,5% of the initial loan amount is paid in full.
"The maximum loan amount is 400 thousand UAH - for purchase of residential property (for individuals); 1.5 million UAH - for buying commercial property (for SAP), (with sufficient income maximum amount may be higher)," - says the communication company.
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