In Ukraine demolish unfinished

15.03.2013 10:56
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine demolish unfinished Ukrainian authorities are going to dismantle the 17,000 unfinished housing units. Demolition work will be limited to emergency and hazardous sites. To date in the state, among other troubles, there's another problem - a lot of unfinished projects. Such facilities across the country, almost 17 ​​thousand years who are in a frozen state. Many of them have long been in disrepair and are potentially dangerous to the public. In this regard, the Cabinet came to the decision that dangerous objects must be eliminated.

According to the Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Dmitry Isaenko, this program will not affect the safe unfinished construction, and will affect only dangerous objects.

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Also, the official said that the construction industry the government pays a lot of attention across the country build housing.

In total in the country, there are 16.9 thousand unfinished objects. Among them, of residential and non-residential construction, health care, education, culture and sports, Teplogaz and water. Over the past few years in Ukraine were liquidated over 3 thousand such objects.
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