In Ukraine, adopting a declarative principle of the start of construction and commissioning of houses

02.10.2010 10:43
Minregionstroy and Gosarhistroyinspektsiya conjunction with specialized committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are preparing for a second reading a draft of the Town Planning Code, which in addition to legislation governing urban development and construction activities will be made drastic changes, the press-service inspection.

"In terms of government initiatives Gosarhistroyispektsiey work began about entering declaratory principles start of the preparatory and construction works and commissioned on turnkey project" - said in a press service, wrote Building.

As noted in the inspection, in the process of drafting the Town Planning Code of Ukraine will be accounted for by the elected Government policy to simplify the permitting system in the building.

"To this end, a proposal to introduce so-called declarative principle start of the preparatory and construction work, according to which the performance of these works will be in the representation of the customer to the appropriate inspection of state architectural-building control declaration on the beginning of the execution of such works", - the government agency.

Inspection will also verify the correctness and completeness of the declaration form, and in the absence of comments within three days will be returned to the customer registered the declaration.

"In this case, the customer, as before, must have documents on the land, and agreed in due course design documents", - reported in Gosarhistroyinspektsii.

Thus, the organs of state architectural-building control get rid of verification and archiving a large number of diverse documents and transferred to the supervision of technological processes in construction.

Also in the inspection indicated that introducing one more declarative principle, quality of work performance and used building materials, as well as making procedure in operation finished objects can be greatly simplified.

"To this end, Gosarhistroyinspektsiya offers to put into operation finished objects, by analogy with the start of construction, that is, by declaring the fact of completion" - the report says.

Procedurally it would look like this: inspection records submitted by the customer declaration of willingness to object to the adoption of a service that is the basis for registration of ownership of an object and attach to it the necessary resources.

Organization: Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine, the State Architectural and Building Inspection.
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