In Transcarpathia developers are building low-rise homes

07.11.2010 14:18
In Transcarpathia developers are building low-rise homes There are several reasons. First, it is not so easy "tie" a large object where there are problems with infrastructure. Secondly, not every investor-developer under the force of an object to aim a blow at the apartment - large demand for such housing in the Carpathians before the crisis was not.

Perhaps in the future, investors will come to the region.

Meanwhile, multifamily sites that pretend to be elite, not so much. For example, in the resort Truskavets in the construction of complex Lіsova Pіsnya "offered for sale apartments at prices ranging from $ 1000 up to 1 m ?. In-built LCD Nova Rafanda "(Uzhgorod), and a residential area," Golden Keys "(Chernivtsi), pretend to be elite, apartments offered for sale for $ 780 and $ 750 for 1 m ?, respectively.

After two years of crisis buyers again appeared at the offices of the developers. They are scarce, but the sellers are optimistic.
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