In Tokyo, built a house the size of a parking space

08.01.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | In Tokyo, built a house the size of a parking space As land prices in Japan are very high, Japanese Fuyuhito Moriya find a compromise solution for the realization of their dreams. He purchased one parking space in central Tokyo and built a small but full house.

Compact three-story house was designed and built by Side Architects in the form of a piece of pizza to fit the building on the square, just 30 square meters. m. Rooms are located on top of each other and get to the next floor is the triangular spiral staircase. To make such a tiny space suitable for life, architects and designers have thought through every detail. Large, full-wall windows with shutters and thin glass bedroom doors closed to help avoid the feeling of space. Compact built-in furniture and numerous corner cabinet, where you can hide things and small household appliances, designed specifically for that room did not seem close or cluttered.

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For the house Mr. Moriya paid $ 500 thousand, which is a very modest price for Tokyo, which, despite the fall in land prices, remains one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.

According to Junichi Sugiyama, architect firms Side Architects, more than 70% of their business are orders for the construction of such microdomains. The main reasons for that - the reasonable price of construction and the ability to save money on buying land. Perform each of these mini-orders require architects great imagination and ingenuity. However, Mr. Sugiyama said that nothing is impossible, and if desired, an architect can design a house even at a very tiny area.
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