In the vicinity of Donetsk region built from low-cost houses

25.08.2010 20:03
Articles about real estate | In the vicinity of Donetsk region built from low-cost houses Under the town house for young families found a place in Starobeshevo
Social cottages can get those who are willing to dig, paint and take credit for 10 years.

Finally found a real idea of the outlines of the governor of Donetsk built for young families in the vicinity of Donetsk region from low-cost houses

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(Similar to the European townhouses). On Tuesday evening, Anatoly Bliznyuk first met the future creators (the main condition for obtaining the "social sphere" - participation in the construction) who have registered in his blog, and shared the details of the project.

At a meeting with the governor came to 120 families. Participants were caught literally every word of his "team leader" from the White House, and our neighbor's chair even recorded on tape all the governor's speech to the house once again listen to his wife. "Do not expect that I will take it from the sleeve of new homes, and you will move there" - at once besieged ardor of youth Bliznyuk. - These people came and active, and such that sit thinking: "Like, say: I can dig, but I can not dig." So I need people who want and will be digging. "

Joking aside, excavation work - this is one of the tasks to be executed by the future owners sotszhilya. The choice is still unloading materials, painting and landscaping. Also in the application form must specify the age, place of work, family income and number of children. Recall that the preference is given to young parents.

PRICE MATTERS. Already prepared and preliminary calculation of the cost of housing in townhouses. You can choose three options: one-room apartment of 40 square meters per 140 thousand UAH. "Kopeck piece" by 60 "squares" for 210 thousand UAH. Or a cottage - 120 "squares" for 420 thousand UAH. (The last two options - only for family). Thus, one square meter town house will cost in 3500 USD. There are five payment plans, depending on the down payment (ranging from 30% and above), with the balance going into an interest-free loan for 10 years (minimum fee per month - 473 USD. The biggest - 2450 UAH.).

Where he has built. Location of the future of the village - is so far the weakest point in the draft Bliznyuk. Most of the registered participants dreamed of house at least in the ring bypass around Donetsk, and even better - closer to microdistrict wide. So far, the plot only considers three areas: in Yasinovatskiy area (near the village of Sand), in Maryinsky area (on the road Zaporizhzhya) and Starobeshevo area. Last place - most likely because under Starobeshevo in the general plan area already has a site of 9 hectares under quarter of cottages. And the builders did not have to waste time on coordination with officials from the architecture. But from Donetsk to get there on Novoazovs'k highway 35 kilometers or 40 minutes by bus. "I have parents live in Gorlovka, it is easier then for them to move. What is the point to go to another province. The Governor says he can still choose land close and fast in the master plan will bring. But my real name not write, so as not kicked out of the program ahead of time ", - told us one of the participants of the meeting.

Districts not exceeding 3 floors

Townhouse will be built on technology "sandwich panels": two sheets of OSB from the large wood chips, and between them foam. These "cards" collect, like dominoes. But these houses quickly ignited. Therefore, Ukraine has banned the building above 3 floors.

Andrew Mashchenko, TODAY
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