In the U.S., work legally cracks

13.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | In the U.S., work legally cracks Professional masters "without hacking theft" - employees or contractors of large investors, working with houses, seized the previous owners for their credit card debt. It often happens that after the eviction door of the house is locked up tight - in this case and use the services of hackers , reports portal CNBC. Each of them has to break into a dozen houses in the night to assess the damage left by the former tenants. " We look on the spot whether plumbing and appliances for damage on the walls " - explains Kyle Sweet, team staff, owned by Key Property Services. Not so long ago he had to enter the house in Lawrenceville (GA) with the help of professional lock picks , bought them for $ 80 thousand at auction. "This is my master key " - joking master . Open the door was quite easy and it is not surprising on account of Kyle nearly three thousand of these " hacks " .

The wizards - crackers can not be called simple : it is often necessary to penetrate into the house not through the door , but, for example , through a narrow basement window. However, the biggest trouble may lie in wait inside. " Worst of all - it's run into squatters - people who illegally settled in the empty building . In any case, many of the members of the team in possession of a weapon ," - explains Sweet .

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Indoors wizards make conclusions about the state of housing. " Residents of this house took away the oven and microwave - we are used to this ," - says Kyle . Often in the house plumbing and electrical ourselves short , some tenants may damage the walls or ceiling. Sometimes there are larger and " disappearance " - the master bedroom or the bathroom ourselves short listed in the auction catalog . All necessary parts are carefully observed and reported to management.
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