In the U.S., put up for sale a ghost town

04.08.2011 07:30
Articles about real estate | In the U.S., put up for sale a ghost town In the U.S., put up for sale again deserted town Stsenik (South Dakota). According to the newspaper The Daily Mail, the city can be purchased for 799,000 dollars.

Now the owner of the land area of ​​18.6 hectares, which houses the city, is an American Tuayla Merrill (Twila Merril). It has long bought up land here in the hope to revive the city. But then a woman's health deteriorated and she had to go for treatment in Minnesota.

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Campus is engaged in the sale of her daughter Leanne Kister (LeeAnn Keester). Earlier Stsenik already exhibited for sale. Then he asked for $ 3 million, but failed to find buyers.

Currently, the town has a post office, petrol station with grocery store, bar, museum, two houses and two prison. Now Stsenike lives of 8 people. At the same time passing through it every day about 700 vehicles, but most of them here does not stop.

Stsenik - not the first town in the U.S., offered for sale. In April last year on internet auction site eBay for 370 thousand dollars was sold to a mini-city Vaukonda (Washington State). Initially, the cost of the town was only one dollar. In 2007, on eBay for three million dollars was sold to Albert Town, which later was resold for 880,000 dollars.
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