In the U.S., are gaining in popularity "mikrodomiki"

01.12.2010 20:08
Undermine the financial crisis in the U.S. housing market is in the smoking ruins. " However, such conditions were favorable for the development of a new sector of the market-microscale residential real estate.

While overall demand for residential properties in the United States continues to fall, more and more Americans buy or build homes the size of an average living room. And not just to install them in the backyard as a house for guests or use as a mobile house for the holidays. Most often, these "houses" get to live in them permanently, according to MSNBC.

"Settle in a tiny house, you give up all the excess, leaving only what is really needed. This is somewhat unusual for a country accustomed to living on a grand scale ", - said Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, which is engaged in designing and building houses in a minimalist style.

Due to the functional use of every square inch of space creators can provide a tiny house with all amenities. From their trailer homes distinguishes an attractive design, quality materials and insulation. You can buy a ready-made house for $ 40 thousand - $ 50 thousand, and its construction will cost almost twice cheaper. At present the company has sold about 50 projects for construction of mini-houses.

Housing crisis in the country helped raise the demand for mini-housing, mostly by young people, as well as those who were laid off. However, reasonable price - not only attractive to buyers. Many opt for smaller homes, wanting to reduce the cost of maintaining a home, as well as reduce the amount of resources consumed. In this sense, the development of mini-estate sector can be an important step in the reorientation of "consumer society" in the direction of conservation and economic use of resources.

The fact that interest in the mini-homes rose just in time of crisis, does not mean that the sector "wither away" once the situation on the housing market stabilizes. It is unlikely that poorer segments of the population, for example, young people who want to live separately from their parents, there will be more affordable option, even after stabilization of the market. And for homeowners who want to increase living space, it is cheaper to buy a house than to build an extension. Finally, a mini-house we can always sell if he does not need a family.
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