In the segment of the far cottages 58% of the villages are built of wood

01.12.2010 10:58
Articles about real estate | In the segment of the far cottages 58% of the villages are built of wood About 58% of cottage villages in the area of 50 km from Moscow Ring Road being built out of wood. In particular, according to the "Logis - country property, built of logs 33% of the objects of laminated veneer lumber-25%.

In second place in the segment of the far cottages - houses of gas silicate blocks, concrete blocks, stones and bricks (21%). They have a low cost - 2-2,5 million. Their average size is 150-200 sq ft, the construction period to finish 3-4 months.

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In the market there are more houses built on frame of German technology. The share of "German" towns in the market is 13%, and their number is constantly growing. For comparison, in 2009 the rates were at 7%.

Materials used in construction of frame houses, cheaper than natural. But frame houses require a significant investment in interior design. As a result, the cost of a home exceeds the cost of a wooden cottage.

The last place in the ranking took combined home (stone + wood) - 8%. Average cost of home 5 - 6 million rubles in the area of 150-200 square meters. m. and construction period of 5-6 months.

Block and brick houses expensive to manufacture and construction. They are used for living and mostly located in the zone to 50 km from Moscow.
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