In the real estate market in Italy exhibited about 200 castles

28.04.2012 08:45
Articles about real estate | In the real estate market in Italy exhibited about 200 castles In Italy, the marked increase in demand for the purchase of locks, which the owners to part for several reasons: either because of the move to the city, either because the content of such expensive real estate becomes too unprofitable, said the Internet portal with reference to the edition of Il Sole 24 Ore.

The cost of renting castles in Italy, experts say available for this segment of real estate - from 4 to 6000 euros per week. Buy an Italian castle in the property can be from 200 thousand Euros (minimum price) up to 10 million euros, is specified in the message.

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To date, the property market in Italy can offer buyers some 200 castles, much of which is located in central and northern parts of the country. About 27% of proposals for the sale of castles - in Tuscany, 18 and 15 percent respectively - in Piedmont and Lombardy, 11% in Umbria, 5 and 4 per cent - in Liguria and Emilia-Romagna. The remaining 20% of the objects for sale are located in other parts of Italy.
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