In the present context can not lift a moratorium on land sales

03.03.2011 14:29
Articles about real estate | In the present context can not lift a moratorium on land sales MP, Chairman of the Ukrainian People's Party of Yuriy Kostenko believes that under present conditions can not lift a moratorium on land sales.

"Agricultural land should be sold, but not in the current circumstances" - said Yuri Kostenko, commenting on today's refusal to Parliament to extend until January 1, 2015 moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, According to the press service of the UNP.

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According to policy, "lifting of the moratorium on land sales, without a full-scale land reform - is a crime against Ukraine."

"The authorities are appropriate to defer the sale of land free for 3-5 years to conduct a full-fledged land reform, which is already 20 years locked - first the Communists, and now - the oligarchs", - says Yuri Kostenko. According to him, "land reform should contribute not financial speculation, and the creation of a full-fledged Ukrainian agro-industrial complex."

According to policy, "a package of measures on land reform should be included as a minimum, 6-8 laws - regarding the lease, the introduction of the European practice of subsidies farmers and efficient land use and land protection."

According to him, "these are the steps to take in Ukraine, following the example of EU countries to establish strong rural middle class, which will consist of millions of owners of land - Ukrainian farmers. The politician considers dangerous example of Latin America, particularly Argentina, where the vast majority of owners of agricultural land have become major foreign estates.

According to Kostenko, "if Ukraine will be withdrawn by the land moratorium in 2012, then in today's political and economic crisis, 70-80% of the Ukrainian lands for a pittance will buy a big business, because ordinary Ukrainians for at least another 3-5 years, not will have access to bank loans. " According to policy, "such a degree of" land "monopolization throw Ukraine into the past." According to him. "Europe has suffered the disease in the XVII - beginning XIX century, when in the UK for more than 50% of the land belonged to 0,5% of the population, and in France 70% of land owned 16% of large landowners."

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