In the near future, the housing market has become more quality

03.11.2010 14:54
Articles about real estate | In the near future, the housing market has become more quality To date, the Ukrainian real estate market projects are divided into two categories: non-liquid and viable. If we analyze the objects that are present today in the market, only 30% of them are viable and apartments in them are actively being sold. This opinion was expressed by Alexander Popov, the director of the project group "Archimatika.

He also noted that "the main problem of the remaining 70% of the objects - are objects with prolonged periods of construction, which causes a lack of confidence among buyers, as well as projects with apartments large area and inconvenient layout.

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Popov considers that the output for these projects is in the worst case drift (if the object is a perpetual long-term construction) or reconception.

"In the near future the market should become more quality with the construction of new facilities and access to market property developers to postpone their projects since the beginning of the economic crisis in late 2008. These builders have already corrected the draft, taking into account new developments," - said the expert.
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