In the suburban housing market stagnation features

30.05.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate | In the market of Cottages - stagnation features In the primary market of the country real estate of Ukraine are fixed stagnation features: the tendency to reduce the release of new towns, the increase in terms of exposure and lower prices. Over the past three years the trend slowing the entry of new towns , reported by the consulting company " RealEkspo ."

With a decrease in the number of new projects, an increasing proportion of towns ready for sale : in 2013 this proportion rose from 40% to 64 % compared to 2012 figures . "Currently, the market begins to show the trend prolongation of exposure cottage settlements " - experts say.

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"The market is once again entered a phase of stagnation , as evidenced by , inter alia, and price adjustment down an average of 4-7 % compared to the year 2011 ."

According to analysts , the main market trends cottage villages in the next two years will be to increase the timing of settlements due to the decline in consumer activity . As a consequence , we can expect price correction downwards or almost zero growth (0-5% per year).

In a stagnating market conditions will dominate most low-budget proposal : economy class , townhouses and plots without a contract , experts predict. At the same time , the area will be reduced households.

Total number of cottage settlements in suburban real estate market today is more than 600, and the overall supply of households - about 87,000 . About 60 % of cottage settlements relates to economy class .
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