In the market of cottage townships have changed

18.09.2010 10:40
The database portal on September 1, there are 565 cottage villages in Ukraine, including 269 towns in the Kiev region and 21 in the town of Kiev.
The minimum cost of 1 sq ft - $ 400 (Makarov district), Makimalno - 5500 dollars (Kiev).
According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko, in the first half of 2010 to market the Kiev region turned out 13 new projects.
"One project appeared in Kiev, Borodyansky, Boryspil, Vassilkovskaya and Obukhov district. 3 new project was launched in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area. Leader in the number of new projects in the Kiev region is Makarovsky area with 5 new projects. "

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Victor Kovalenko said: "The developers of new towns have gone deep into the Kiev area (for distance), significantly reduced the number of households (4 to 100), area of houses (from 35 to 400 sq ft), switched to new technology (cast-frame construction) , reduced the cost of houses (from 400 to 1500 dollars per "square"), reduced the cost of land, reduced the size of cottage townships (4-100 houses), (0.35-12 ha).
Builders often offer land with contract or without. Cost weave land also decreased.

Forest Eden

Kiev, Brest-Litovsk highway, 19
On the outskirts of Kiev "Novobud" in full swing under construction. On 5 hectares will be built 22 three-story brick cottage, with attached to the house site from 15 to 25 hectare. Area of cottages ranging from 417 to 617 sq.m.
Price of 1 square. m very "democratic" for Kiev -1200 U.S. $ / sq ft
Given the situation on the market, the developer offers land from 10 to 23 hundred square meters for building. Cost of 1 sq.m. - 12500 dollars.

Boryspil district

Kyiv region, Boryspil district,. Small Oleksandrivka
8 km. from Kiev company Eironams builds minigorodok of 4 houses with floor space of houses from 72 to 98 square meters with surrounding areas from 3 to 4 hectare of cast-in-frame technology.
Cost of 1 sq. m in view of the earth - from 660 dollars.
Borodyansky DISTRICT
Pine Forest Villas
Kiev region, Borodyansky district,. Pylypovychi
The company "Dream House" in 32 km from Kiev began the construction of the town economy class on 2 hectares for 26 houses using Canadian technology. Area of houses varies from 35 to 105 sq ft adjacent area - 6-9 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq. km. m starts at $ 850.

Vasilkovsky DISTRICT

Kiev region, Vasilkovsky district,. Roslavichi
At 20 kilometers from Kiev has been successfully building on 12 hectares of 94 brick houses in the area from 174 to 294 sq ft with surrounding areas from 8 to 12 hectare.
On the sales were announced in May.
Cost of 1 sq. km. - From $ 750.
All communications are connected, the asphalt road, ZHEK own in the future will be a school, kindergarten, shop, restaurant, playground, tennis courts, a fitness club. Town partly inhabited.
Kiev Svyatoshinsky DISTRICT
Kiev region, Kiev Svyatoshinsky district,. Seagulls
Company Novobud has presented a new project for the construction of modern houses on the cast-frame technology.
In an area of 6 hectares is planned to build 63 cottage area 154 sq ft on plots 6 to 11 hectare. The cost of 1 sq.m - from 967 USD / sq.m.
According to customer might purchase land worth from 9500 U.S. $ / sq ft
Kiev region, Kiev Svyatoshinsky district,. Gorenichi
At 10 km from Kiev, the developer plans to soon implement the idea of building six houses in an area of 0.35 hectares with an area of houses from 198 sq ft and an adjoining plot 5 ares.
Cost of 1 sq ft starts at $ 1100.
Pine region
Kiev region, Bucha, st. Griboyedov, 1
The company "Energobudlizing" actively engaged in the construction of another cottage in the town Bucha. 2 ha will be built 11 cottages of 310 square meters. m each on plots of 10 to 15 hectare. Cost of 1 sq. km. m - from $ 1500.

Makarovsky District

Yablonovskii gardens
Kiev region, Makarov district,. Yablonovka
At 33 km from Kiev, "Real-Invest" offers 86 plots without a contract from 6 to 12 ares in the garden community. Cost of 1 sq.m. - from $ 500. Planned to build a store checkpoint. Lake, a forest. -Series.

Garden village

Kiev region, Makarov district,. Chervona Sloboda str. Outdoor
At 43 km. from Kiev began construction of the town economy class for 14 houses ranging from 55 to 140 sq.m. Today it is the best offer on the market of Kiev Oblast - $ 400 per sqm. having regard to all communications. The cost of the land-weave of $ 1300.
Developer plans to build a store and dispensary.

Forest Song

Kiev region, Makarov district,. Berezivka
At 19 km. from Kiev company Eironams builds cottage economy class with 29 homes ranging from 72 to 100 sq ft on plots up to 5 hectare of cast-frame technology.
The cost of 1 sq.m - from 510 to 600 dollars.
Kiev region, Makarov district,. Kalinovka
In 47 km from Kiev, two horticultural associations offered building plots from 10 to 12 hectare.
Cost weave -1300 dollars.
Kiev region, Makarov district,. Plahtyanka
At 40 km. Kyiv on the territory of the garden community offers 18 sites with utilities, fencing, security, forest and lake. Total building area - 2,2 hectares. Cooperative management has determined the price of one hundred square meters in 5000 dollars.
Obukhov district
Honey Hills
Kiev region, Obukhov district,. New Bezradichi
At 16 kilometers from Kiev, in the territory of 4 hectares will be built 35 cottages ranging from 123 to 446 sq ft with an adjacent 8.75 hectare site on the cast-frame technology.
Cost of 1 sq. m will start with 1200 U.S. $ / sq ft
Infrastructure: taxi to town, lake, forest, nursery school, security, sports grounds.
To see these objects you can on the country real estate portal section Cottage Towns of Ukraine.
If you are interested in purchasing, call the company "RealEkspo.
Victor Kovalenko

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