In the Lviv region prepared a large land deals

27.07.2011 13:32
Articles about real estate | In the Lviv region prepared a large land deals In the coming days preparing raider seizure ACS HDL "Galselles", which owns 146 ha of forest land, said General Director Paul Kotik.

"I learned that in the coming days preparing raider seizure ACS HDL" Galselles ", which is headed by a representative of the" Freedom ", the first deputy chairman of the Lviv regional council", - said director general of the enterprise.

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P. Kotick told, in order to capture the company is developing a range of scenarios for illegal removal from his leadership of the company. "The main purpose of the Raiders" the mandates "- to take control of 146 thousand hectares of forest land in use of the State Forestry specialized enterprise" Galselles ", - said director general.

P. Kotick also said that "the day before, to me as a leader have repeatedly demanding the transfer of land owned by ACS HDL" Galselles "certain persons, whose names I plan to announce in the near future."

General Director said that the pressure on business has been going on for more than 6 months.

"I believe that in the near future we will witness the capture of the Forest Management", - said P. Kotick, CEO of Nn "Galselles."
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