In the Lviv region housing gone up ten times

30.07.2010 13:37
From 2000 to 2009, the price of 1 square meter of residential property in the Lviv region has increased tenfold, while the average wage increased by 3.4 times.

As deputy chairman of the Lviv regional state administration Vladimir Gubitsky the board of the General Directorate of Urban Development, architecture and spatial development of the Lviv regional state administration.

According to him, in the area has increased the cost of expensive materials in the construction of housing and significantly reduce the amount entering residential squares in operation. "During the past eight years, Lvov was among the leaders on the volume of commercial housing construction. At this time, significantly increased the share of applications in the construction of expensive technologies and equipment," - he explains.

Gubitsky said that the region has a low level of housing. "In particular, in the Lviv region, the figure is 20.6 square meters per person. However, in most European countries - 35-45 sqm - he said. - On the housing lists in the towns of Lviv region has about 75,500 waiting list and only 1.2% of them receive annual housing ".

Chief of Urban Planning, architecture and spatial development of OSA Stepan Looky told that a regional program of affordable housing in the years 2010-2017 is under consideration in committees of the regional council.

"If a regional affordable housing program will be implemented, then by 2017 60% will be waiting Lviv apartment," - he said. - According to this document, for a family of three is assumed flat surface area of 62.5 square meters. m ".

As the chief architect of the area, the cost of one square meter of such housing will not exceed 5200 hryvnia. "This could be achieved if local authorities to provide free homes for these plots with painted engineering services", - noted Looky.

As previously reported, in I quarter of 2010 increased housing construction in 18 regions of the country. More than half (53,6%) of total housing built in 7 regions: Lviv region., Kiev and Kiev, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, and Kharkiv regions.
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