In the Leningrad region built annually about 250-300 cottage settlements

24.09.2010 14:50
Articles about real estate | In the Leningrad region built annually about 250-300 cottage settlements In the Leningrad region built annually about 250-300 villa communities at different levels klassnosti, said EA CEO of Vector Sergei Schigorets, at a conference under the Civil housing forum.

According to him, the basic conditions for the successful sale of land in the stated projects: site location, its accessibility and the possibility of acceding to the utility networks, the presence of the reservoir. Further, the role played by the concept of development, various additional options for clients, competent advertising policy and the availability of the demo site.

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Director of the North-Eastern Department of the Academy of Sciences "Alexander" Leonid Vedeneyev reported that, according to the site Rosreestra on a Russian citizen, have an average of about 28 square meters. m of land for private habitation. This statistic is due to the fact that there are legal restrictions that hamper the development of the land market, reports ASN-info ".

In his opinion, necessary to increase the amount of land allocated for low-rise buildings of 7-8, but it needs to simplify the re-categorization of land or obtain permission for the appropriate use of land. And until conditions are created for the construction of low-rise housing, then there will not be removed legal restrictions, people will be forced to live in high-rise buildings, said Vedeneyev.
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