In the Kiev region, UBOP workers exposed the fact of the illegal allocation of 81 land

28.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | In the Kiev region, UBOP workers exposed the fact of the illegal allocation of 81 land Workers OCD GUMVD Ukraine in Kiev region exposed the illegal allocation of the territory of one rural district councils Vasilkovskaja 81 land (0.99 hectares for each), though for agriculture.
It was established in 2007, a group of persons by prior agreement among themselves, requested on behalf of the citizens in Vassilkovskaya district state administration with the request to allocate land in the property for personal agriculture within the said village council. Based on this order and developed technical documentation was produced eighty-one act of ownership of these lands.

The audit found employees OCD Facts forgery in the technical documentation on the basis of which is produced and subsequently issued several regulations. Similar violations of the law found in the documents on the basis of which is produced marked documentation.

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Within the limits of the audit is already installed and surveyed the majority of citizens who appear on the owners of the mentioned areas. In his explanation, they noted that the allocation in their use of the land they know nothing. In addition, the documented facts of the issue of acts of ownership of land to persons who at the time died.

According to preliminary estimates, the market value of these lands is about $ 16 million.

On material collected Bureau of Investigation GUMVS Ukraine in Kiev region opened a criminal case for signs of crime envisaged 1, 3 tbsp. 358 CC of Ukraine.
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