In the Kharkiv region returned to the state 300 acres of land

23.08.2010 13:25
Articles about real estate | In the Kharkiv region returned to the state 300 acres of land In 2010, the efforts of prosecutors in the Kharkov region restored 300 hectares of illegally alienated lands to state ownership.

The prosecution bodies of Kharkiv region, take effective measures for conservation and protection of land resources of the country.

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This was reported by the Acting Head of Mission of the organization of the prosecutor's office of the Kharkiv region, junior counselor of justice Julia Maryuhna.

According to her, for 7 months in 2010 by the procuracy field of land relations in the courts in administrative, economic and general procedure for the State stated claims in the amount of 7 million hryvnia, which is 4 times more than the same period in 2009.

"Given the actions of the past 88 years, granted claims in excess of 3 million hryvnia, which on last year, six times. Actually implement court decisions involving claims of prosecutors to nearly $ 1 million hryvnia," - says Maryuhna.

"The decision of the Kharkiv region Economic Court of Kharkov 14.04.2010 satisfied with the claim inter-district environmental prosecutor in the state's interest in the person of the State Inspectorate to monitor the use and protection of land in the Kharkov region to Kegichevskoy district administration and in one of the private agricultural enterprises on the invalidation of the preliminary contract on 02.01.2009 for the land area of 48.82 hectares "- the report says.

The submission noted that the Economic Court of Kharkov region on 19.04.2010 satisfied in full suit of Kharkov interdistrict prosecutor, filed on behalf of the state on behalf of the Kharkov City Council, one of a limited liability company to recover arrears of rent. Since the defendant has been recovered more than 100 thousand hryvnia. Currently, judicial decision actually made.

Maryuhna stressed that the violators of the law of the land being taken under criminal law. "In 2010, three criminal cases of unauthorized occupation of land, recovered 1.5 million hryvnia," - she says.

As announced earlier, processing at the General Directorate of the State Committee in the Kharkiv region is nearly 50,000 shapeless forms gosaktov to obtain land.
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