In the Irkutsk region to build a «maloetazhki» to 20 thousand for a «square «

27.08.2010 20:50
Development Programme, an integrated low-rise construction in 2010-2015 was developed in the Irkutsk region. Its implementation will make up for lack of "budget" accommodation in the region, reduce the cost per square meter to 20 thousand rubles, and populate the surrounding municipalities to the territory, told a press conference the Minister of Construction and road infrastructure in the region Ruslan Bolotov.

The program's budget will amount to 3.75 billion rubles. 1,5 billion rubles will be allocated from regional coffers, the remaining funds - from extra-budgetary sources. The regional authorities will be partially finance investment projects to build low-rise complexes and the establishment of these infrastructures. By funding will be drawn and individual investors.

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The regional government plans to work with municipalities in preparation of land for construction, as well as support companies engaged in production of building materials for "maloetazhki. The introduction of energy efficient technologies will allow low-rise LCD does not depend on the central communication system of the city, and solve problems "on the spot."
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