In the coming era of cottage construction of identity

12.12.2010 18:30
Articles about real estate | In the coming era of cottage construction of identity In the cottage construction is coming a little revolution is now the traditional parameters, based on that customer preference for a particular town by adding a new, "the freedom to improve the project."

Today, as among the potential buyers of suburban property to establish a clear separation into classes, developers try their best to "fit" their projects under the financial capabilities of the client. In this case, the majority of developers in each of the segments are practically the same price, quadrature, landscape characteristics. Each developer can boast the presence of forests, lakes or rivers, each one of those who survived the crisis, the home offers a maximum degree of readiness, and squaring and price are good value.

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At the same time, most developers adhere to very strict concept of a single plan on the basis of which the person who bought a cottage in the village, has no right to make changes not only in the internal architecture of the cottage to your liking, but also change the landscape design and interaxle fences, which are often represents a low fences. As conceived by the creators of these projects, all the houses, fences and lawns should not differ from each other, which would give the town aesthetically complete and perfect form.

From the perspective of a single concept is justified. On the other hand, a person who buys a house, has acquired not just a dead box, but his home for many years in which he wants to feel the absolute master of the fortress, where sometimes you want to latch on the views of neighbors. Therefore, his desire to improve the design and site to fit your tastes and needs is quite natural.

We believe that the concept of any town cottage provides a unique architectural style that gives the village its charm and the forms it different from other image.

At the same time, we understand that each person is an individual, the personality, but because buying a cottage with a plot, it has the right to change my little world as he wants. Of course, in this case should not be affected by the interests of neighbors and do not change part of the facade, not to violate the concept of a single building. Changes may be made at the site in order partial agreements, and under some restrictions on the landing of additional trees and high fences interaxle not to cause darkening or clogging of the surrounding areas, as well as damage to the pipeline.

Today in the experiments of this innovation was introduced in the cottage "Alpiyka, where large areas of 25 hectare can vary the landscaping. Together with the owners if they wish, we can further develop all the options of landscape design and implement them so that each household had its own flavor and different from others.

Making changes to the internal architecture of the cottages are also not excluded. In addition, a person buying a cottage may be built on the site additional facilities, while respecting the architectural style of a single town, and without prejudice to its neighbors.

Plus, in the unoccupied areas the company can build a client to a cottage on his own architectural design, or else to develop an individual with his hand, taking into account the concept of a single building.

As for cottage towns with smaller portions - about 10 acres, both in the cottage "Konyk", the freedom to improve the owner of the project with the participation of the developer applies to all except the front part, which is always and everywhere remains unchanged and is the main criterion for the concept of a single building. We can on request to make some changes to the landscaping on the site, as well as giving the owner the freedom to change the interior layout - it is his home and his right to improve it to your liking.

On the market today only about 10-15% of the cottage towns offer their residents the relative freedom of action. However, as practice shows, communicating with clients and study their new preferences, more people want to live in an atmosphere of freedom to be individuals, have the right to choose. So we can say that it is the idea of "free-improvement project will become one of the main" chips "to attract customers in the next few years.
Head of sales department of construction company "Golden Gate"
Anna Lukyanov, Sedina
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