In the center of Kiev on the roofs of houses are planning to grow healthy food

04.04.2016 00:15
Articles about real estate | In the center of Kiev on the roofs of houses are planning to grow healthy food Public organization "local economy" plans to break up the garden right in the center of Kiev. The project team wants to launch a platform for farmers and citizens who want to grow and eat healthy foods. "Big Idea" on the project now collect 75 thousand. UAH for Ukrainian kraudfandingovoy platform social projects. The campaign will last 60 days.

The project is called "Gardens 31V1", in fact, a system of small greenhouses, in which citizens will be able to grow fresh herbs and small vegetables, flowers and berries.

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"We want every adult could bring the child a warm summer evening and dig together in a bed, to plant foliage, to learn responsibility and commitment to long-term projects. It's like a computer game in the "Farm", but it all goes in reality: with these plants, these pests, dry days and the real responsibility, on which depends the result, "- describes the project organizers.

The people of Kiev will be able to take care of the beds joint. As the ripening of vegetables and herbs they can be collected. But the team stressed that this is more an educational project. First, residents of the city will be able to show the children where actually food comes from, how to grow it, and secondly, on the territory of the gardens planned lectures on crop production, workshops for adults and children, etc. It also provides private beds for those who support the project financially.

The money that the team collects will be used to manufacture boxes and designs for transplanting, irrigation systems, soil and seeds, as well as the salary of two employees: an agronomist and a security guard.
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