In Ternopil approved a master plan for regional center

30.08.2010 16:22
Articles about real estate | In Ternopil approved a master plan for regional center Deputies of the Ternopil City Council at the August meeting adopted a master plan for the regional center to 2030 document envisages the construction of housing on the western outskirts of the city, as well as removal of the historic center of industry and market. Large-scale infrastructure innovation developers do not offer.

The previous master plan was completed in Ternopil in 2005, the last five years the city was built haphazardly and primarily due to compression of the central part. New town-planning document for the next 20 years, developed by the Kiev State Institute "Giprograd" that cost the local treasury in 1.1 million USD, says Business Capital.

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As told to "DS" chief architect of Ternopil Vadim Zakharchuk, previously the town was extended mainly to the east (towards Pidvolochisk highway and airport), where there was virtually no longer suitable for the construction of free sites with utilities. Now it is proposed to develop the opposite direction (west and north-west).

According to calculations of the authors of the general plan, after putting into operation and expansion of the Western district of the Northern industrial center built-up area of settlement will increase by almost a third: from the current 4.3 thousand to 5.4 thousand hectares. The regional center does not claim to the lands of neighboring rural councils. New housing will be erected on both sides of highway Lviv, in the territory which belongs to the urban community. "There will not only housing but also social, shopping and recreational facilities" - said Mr. Zakharchuk.

A total of 20 years in Ternopil planned to build up mnogoetazhkami 245 hectares and 153.4 hectares - private houses (total floor space - 2.3 million square meters. M), after which a 1.4-fold increase in provision of urban housing - up to 30 square meters. m per person.

In the central part of Ternopil defined historical-architectural area, where it is forbidden the erection of tall buildings. This area, bounded by streets S. Krushelnytska, Biletsky, Warrior Division "Galicia", B. Khmelnitsky Zamonastyrskoy, Zhivov and the left bank of Ternopil pond.

Authorities are going to evict from the historic center of the market and bus station, allocating them land in the area of the bypass road. A venture Spetsstroy "and Ternopil artistic furniture factory will transfer to the Southern and Northern industrial center. "To accommodate new industrial and municipal facilities master plan in the Southern industrial junction provide 41.4 hectares of reserve territory, and in the North - 131 m", - said Vadim Zakharchuk.

But business Neighborhoods designers document not provided. Earlier, officials had intended to deploy a commercial building in the direction of the airport, but investors are not too interested in there the land due to lack of utilities and, consequently, high costs for projects. Now, as plans to architects, offices and shopping mall will be a point to be erected in the new West neighborhood.

To solve the transport problem of Ternopol, which goes through the center of the entire transit traffic, the developers proposed a master plan to build two bypasses. Cars, following in Lviv and Kiev areas are going to put on the "big ring".

It will be held on the existing bypass road from the highway Ternopil, Lviv to Ternopil-Brody route, near the village Lozova, via line-Zbarash Ternopil, outside the village Smikivtsy through route Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, near the villages of wildings, Miskovic, Dragalivka, Pidgorodnoe, and closes near Rural Dovzhenko.

For citizens and residents of nearby settlements planned to build a "small ring" that connects the forward-looking building sat Beal, Baykovtsy, Velyka Ghai, Petrik and Pidgorodnoe. This will give the opportunity to get into any area of Ternopil, bypassing its center. Financial parameters of the draft document does not specify.
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