In samostroyah not always to blame unscrupulous developers

30.03.2011 15:41
Articles about real estate | In samostroyah not always to blame unscrupulous developers In samostroyah not always to blame unscrupulous developers, lawyers explained. Local government bodies are often delaying the approval procedure.

Man begins construction, hoping to receive the documents later. In addition, there is no guarantee that the government would decide in favor of the developer. Sometimes, while he will gather all the necessary papers, the validity of some of them are already running out. For example, local authorities provide land for only a few years. After the deadline may be asked to carry an incomplete object. In this case, even a chance that the court will rise to the side of the developer.

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"In Kharkov considered one case in which the documents were issued for a period of 25 years. But in two years this land for construction. User went to renew the document, but he refused. I was told to confiscate the land and carry eleven-house, which has already been built. Because he did not timely completed construction ", - said Єvgen Pershikov, second secretary of the court chamber VHSU.
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