In Russia found a way to build cheap housing economy class

25.08.2010 12:02
To this end, construction companies should play in the auction price of land, and the final cost of housing, provides Ministry of Regional Development.<br /><br />How to write Vedomosti, Russian Ministry of Regional Development must approve the concept of reducing the market value of housing developed on the instructions of the Ministry of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, together with the Foundation for Housing Development Fund (RZHS) and "United Russia". The idea behind the concept, the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin suggested to Putin on Monday - at the very meeting where the Prime Ministry of Regional Development has put the problem in five years to bring the share of housing economy-to three-fourths of the total housing, said government official.<br /><br />The concept says that most of the final price of the apartments affect imperfect allocation procedures (auctions, they win the one who gives a great price) and the municipalities, shift the costs of urban planning and land surveying documents for developers. The authors propose a so-called Dutch (a fall) auctions, and bidding on display the final cost per square meter. The starting price of auction will be the average market value of housing, some regional development, says Deputy Minister Constantin Royal.<br /><br />According to the director general of the Fund RZHS Alexander Braverman, the idea belongs to the government commission, and in particular its chairman, the vice-premier Igor Shuvalov. Regulations on the auction under the new rules will be developed within 2-3 weeks, promises to Braverman, you must also synchronize the dates for the transfer of land to developers, they are now substantially different: the Fund RZHS fit in 8-10 months, the region that takes up to three years.<br /><br />Besides that the earth itself will be available at a discounted price, the municipalities will be required to motivate the builders, said one of the developers of the concept - the deputy chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes State Duma Alexander Kogan. Local officials will have to submit to the auction is fully prepared for construction sites: register them in the public inventory, obtain permission to use them to prepare a development plan of building the requirements for quality constructed objects, their energy efficiency and architectural solutions, as well as to determine the specifications and price to connect to utility services. According to the MP, after the introduction of the new system is expected to reduce the price of high-rise housing economy class for at least 20-25%.<br /><br />Developers are afraid only of speculative transactions in such low-cost housing. According to King, that the conditions of the auction complied with, will be taken right to restrictions on resale.<br /><br /><br />LIGABusinessInform <br />
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