In Rome, sold the smallest apartment in the world

06.10.2010 16:03
The total area of `baby` is only 5 square. m, and asked for it € 50 th

The apartment is a room which is separated by a barrier of toilet and shower with a small sink. Sleeper is located on the mezzanine. At the top of one wall of a window, but the opening of his view of the drain pipe is hardly attractive, says Italy Magazine.

At the same time, the undoubted advantage of this apartment is its position - it is located in a prestigious area, next to a central square in Rome`s Piazza Venezia. Nearby is the residence of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Recall that the largest apartment in the world on sale in Costa Rica - a three-level penthouse worth $ 50 million Its total area is 6,360 square meters. m
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