In regions with housing transactions commit to 3 times more than in Moscow

23.11.2010 19:42
In Moscow on the secondary market for every 1000 inhabitants only 6-8 trades per year. This is 2-3 times less than in the regions of Russia, considered HouseHunter.Ru.<br /><br />The largest consuming activity is observed in Chelyabinsk, Leningrad, Samara, Novosibirsk, Moscow, and Omsk regions, Tatarstan, Perm. It occurs more than 14 transactions in housing per year to 1 000 local people. Absolute leaders are Chelyabinsk Oblast - 21 deals a year and Perm region - 20,4 transaction. In Tatarstan done more deals with housing per 1000 people (16.5 transactions) than, for example, in the Spanish capital - Madrid - 15,9.<br /><br />The second group of regions included Krasnodar, Volgograd, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, St. Petersburg. Here, the coefficient of buying activity on the secondary market average and below average (12-14 transactions per 1000 people per year).<br /><br />In regions of the first group deals with the housing are made more frequently than the national average, due to higher income and adequate housing prices. Typically, the cost of 1 sq. km. m does not exceed 35 000 - 45 000 rub. In the second group of regions with low income levels housing prices too high, and often exceed the value of similar property in a "rich" regions, experts say HouseHunter.Ru.<br /><br />Compared to other regions allocated Moscow. Despite the higher average incomes of Muscovites deal with housing in the Russian capital are made in 2-3 times less than in the regions. Terms of metropolitan real estate exposure reaches 120-160 days, whereas in many regions housing finds buyers for 80-120 days. In Moscow, the lowest in the country, the share of mortgage transactions in total transactions in the secondary real estate market. Low activity of Muscovites HouseHunter.Ru experts explain the high prices per square meter and a deficit in demand of an economy class.<br /><br />Low purchasing activity in the secondary housing market is typical of many big cities. For example, in New York (population 19 million) is about 4 trades per 1000 people per year. Directly in the city of New York rate of consumer activity in the segment sales are not even reach one. Average cost of New York City apartment reaches $ 1 million and average term exposure of apartments is around 200 days.<br /><br />However, unlike Moscow, New York, developed a segment of rental housing, which accounts for about 65% of housing stock, with an average rental rate of about $ 1300 per month. This allows us to smooth out the negative effects of abnormally high prices.<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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