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25.01.2011 19:17
As usual, early in the year market players give their forecasts for various segments. As ever, realtors have converged in the forecast - the growth in house prices in 2011 should not be expected, as, indeed, fall. Not please the market in 2011 and the number of transactions in the housing market - although projected growth, but small.

Well, leave the square footage alone, I want to look at the market on the other side. A small volume of transactions means that work for realtors will be small. It seems that logic can be traced - not enough customers, many realtors that as a result? Correctly, will increase competition and struggle for the client, and therefore the quality of services. Yeah, certainly not! Rather, true, but not in Ukraine. We restrict all geographical boundaries - not in Kiev.

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In 2001-2008, when the housing market grew at a frantic pace, the market appeared a huge number of "Realtors" who want to tear off his piece of cake. Not offered flats for sale except that lazy. Licenses are not required, no control, cash flow 90% of transactions. Well, Who can stand. In this case, the role of the realtor often consisted solely in the show apartment, for which also, incidentally took the money. Now we are reaping the fruits of this folly.

- A consequence of 1, dangerous - to the top half of the market crisis were firm selling "Barnyard." Office - studio or one bedroom apartment somewhere in a sleeping array, the staff - sometimes coming to the office of housewives, often with a distant notion of what they sell and how to do it.

- A consequence of 2, harmful - realtors damned fat and lazy. They are accustomed to the client they should have just for that, that rang and asked details about the object.

- A consequence of 3, an ambitious - many felt sorry to share their revenue with the agency, however, realtors went to "their bread." Thus, we have million-strong army of private entrepreneurs (SPD) and supplemented by representatives of the profession.

- A consequence of 4, enlightening - many shoppers ignored the Realtors, the profession of a realtor or broker has become almost a sentence for subsequent employment.

- A consequence of 5, sad - "throw" the realtor was a "matter of honor for many buyers. Sadly, I can understand them.

And it seems that the crisis should have been like that affect the market. Influenced, but not as expected. Indeed, the market had gone weak, with discordant nervous system. And have the most persistent individuals, and oddly enough, the most lazy and indifferent to customers. Nothing has changed in the approach to the client. The market does not become better, more professional. He just got smaller.

Having talked with a lot of people who proudly called themselves realtors, hearing stories and complaints of his friends and acquaintances who have been on-site customer, I decided to write a memo for "tips" for realtors beginners. Or maybe help someone else who has not tried his hand in this field. So, we read, study and memorize.

1. Never seemed to be calling you to the client. Try to hide your name and title, as well as the company where you work. Who knows, maybe it will help keep your life in the future.

2. Do not write the incoming requests of clients and their contact details. You can always ask "Did you actually who and what issue?" When a customer calls the second or third time. In the end, the apartment needed a client, not you.

3. Assigning views to the client, always remember that time is necessary to choose based on their own schedule and convenience. Shows on Saturdays, Sundays and after 7 pm - it's bad for your health.

4. Never come to a meeting on time. "Gentleman's 15 Minutes" - is the minimum for decent real estate agents, so as a customer should always "warm up" waiting for the show "super flat repair with the elite."

5. Assign multiple hits in one apartment. It will save your working time, and let in a fight between the buyers the best man win.

6. Never partes conclusion seller apartment agency contract for services. All your hard work will pay for the buyer. With him, by the way, too, can not enter into a contract (why would he be upset in advance) - you can then just put before the fact, that he owes you a 5% commission for a completed transaction without you. Aerobatics - take a commission and the buyer and the seller, then you have tried both.

7. Never inspect an apartment in advance, before the designated viewing. A modest apartment interior that does not coincide with your photos hosted VIP repair will be a pleasant surprise for the buyer.

8. Considering the flat together with the customer, express elation seeing any standard piece of furniture, praise every detail of the apartment and the generosity of the seller, which leaves so many valuable things for the buyer. Explain to the buyer that the peeling paint from an old kitchen table and traces of cutting bread on it - is a special order - Handmade Italian master of aging of the furniture.

9. And disadvantages can be turned into advantages, such as "elite" apartment with plaster falling from the ceiling and the wallpaper peel always be praised as "unspoiled VIP repair. Describing the rickety old furniture in the apartment, use the word "fusion", "eclectic." Buyer will be pleased to get this exclusive.

10. Exert maximum effort to "not notice" made alterations, demolitions bearing walls and cracks in the walls. Let all the details tell a buyer representative BTI. In the end, the head is nothing falls, and does not flow.

11. Do not bargain with the seller for the buyer, even if the price is obviously overestimated. Remember that the higher price, the higher your commission! A buyer, if he holds dear, let him go look for other options.

12. If the buyer is capricious and he, God forbid, did not liked the first apartment is inspected, never offers to match other options, only to lose valuable time. Let myself rummaging on the Internet, still gets to you, because you carefully copied the declaration of all competitors, changing slightly the better options and the price of the apartment and pointed a mobile phone.

13. If the client still decided to buy an apartment, familiarize him with the price for your services, ask to pay in cash and in advance of the transaction. And suddenly it did not have enough money after he paid the seller? Persevere, tear off the deal, after all, if the buyer does not agree to pay all your troubles.

14. Do not even think to ask the seller documents of title to an apartment or a house during the show. All details about the prescribed relatives and children, let the buyer finds out. In an extreme case, as some uzhivutsya all together, living space is large and the place should be enough for everybody.

15. Never advises clients what documents should be prepared for the transaction and, moreover, do not help them collect. This is not your responsibility. Internet and so replete with seasoned advice. Who's supposed to let him and runs.

16. The notary when signing the sales contract had never invited to check documents for spelling, correct address, posuetites, ran around the nerve buyer and seller, tell a couple of tearjerker about black realtor. Them to your attention at this moment, more than ever valuable.

17. Remember that the buyer has already paid you a commission, apply pressure to the buyer, make him pay for all notary services, and taxes the seller, tell us authoritatively that "the law of the market" in the case of processing the transaction at full price, all costs borne by the buyer. Buyer has all the same - a couple thousand more, a couple of thousand less, and the seller needs money the most. In the end, ask the seller to share the savings amount to you.

18. Make every effort to disappear after the deal quietly, in English. Joined at the BTI and queue for hours - it is already concern the buyer - he must feel the victory and the joy of shopping in full.

19. After the transaction never delete the object with telephone seller or buyer of active databases. They both bring a lot of fun communicating with colleagues, memories of the "deeds of days gone by."

20. And finally, getting so hard to earn commissions, go to rest, at least for 2 weeks, and even for a month. Hard work must be accompanied by a wholesome recreational activities. And clients ... think about it when you return from vacation.

In conclusion, the story of my colleagues, very fresh. It amuses himself with the hope to buy an apartment in the center. 5.4 selecting appropriate options, she faithfully typed these phones in their ads. Following the scant information to colleagues asked Realtors to specify the details, to designate views and call back. When 3-4 days has been received in response to a single call, it was not too lazy to call back myself all realtors with the question "And actually, when will it look flat?". In response I heard about the following:

- Do not get called hosts, wait until the owners themselves will come to Us (3 times);

- Call back later, after a couple of days (2 times).

But even after this week a colleague and could not see any of the selected apartment, because "the owners still do not like to call realtors, although the announcement of the sale of these objects are updated with enviable regularity. Result - minus one deal, something whose minus unearned commission, minus someone's loss of income, exasperated client and another "nail" realtor.

Summary. By flashing the media data in 2010 on the secondary market of Kiev was concluded around 9500 transactions. At an average cost of apartment in Kiev, $ 150,000, realtors only in the secondary housing market have earned about $ 40 million so surely for such a piece of the pie is not worth fighting for? And yet, for someone who has to "chase"? Realtor for a client or vice versa?

Yaroslav Chapko, Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, Director
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