In Prykarpattya not privatize zemlyuPrikarpate

23.08.2010 10:41
Articles about real estate | In Prykarpattya not privatize zemlyuPrikarpate Ivanofrankovtsam again have to wait months registration of acts of privatization of land. The documents that have lain for two or three months in regional management of land resources, return for revision to the district offices of the State Land Cadastre. And in such cases - hundreds, transmit Evening News.

According to the heads of several regional departments of the State Land Cadastre (SLC), the collected documents from the regional administration returned with comments, written as if from the same script: "There is no statement," No inventory numbers "or" No signature of the representative of the State Committee. "

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"And when the papers are returned to us, it appears that everything is there. And those returns - dozens every week "- outraged chairman Tysmenitskogo local department of land resources Jaroslav Jilava.

"Recently, a dramatic escalation of the return of documents from the region - said the head Snyatynska SLC Alexander Andriichuk. - Cause sometimes three or four times just come with excuses: no date, no signatures, no official acts of verification. It seems that the provincial leadership in preference to private land management structures.

In turn, head of regional management of land resources Yuri Dobrovolsky categorically denied all the charges: "In the first quarter of 2010 to return to the finalization of cases and the correction of errors was 30%. Now, the number of such documents does not exceed 10-15% of the total number of applications.

How long will the internal conflict in the Ivano-Frankivsk region between the regional and district leadership in land management, nobody knows.

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