In Paris mansion sold for 68.5 million euros

04.03.2011 15:41
Noble family c Middle East has acquired a mansion in the 7 th district of Paris for 68.5 million euros. According to Charles-Marie Zhottra, head of consulting firm Daniel F? Au, which specializes in luxury housing, is the largest real estate deal, signed at Paris on private individuals.

As a seller appears certain religious organization.

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The building of the XVIII century the area of 1 250 m? the chapel is surrounded by a garden. According to the evaluation Daniel F? Au, a mansion in need of renovation.

This transaction indicates that the part of foreign investors is increasing demand for premium real estate in the heart of Paris and its suburbs.

According to official statistics, in 2010, held approximately 1,800 multi-million dollar deals. B? Most of the expensive real estate is concentrated in the 1, 8, 16 and 17 th arrondissement of Paris.

"I do not have to fear that the elite real estate bubble occurs because the volume of supply is low. In ten districts of Paris, enjoying the highest demand, new buildings are not built, and office buildings are also not rebuild the residential home. Luxurious property passes into the hands of foreigners, because 50% of buyers - non-residents ", - says Zhottra.
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