In order to avoid starvation - China is buying up land around the world

28.03.2011 16:57
Articles about real estate | In order to avoid starvation - China is buying up land around the world Because of the major drought China will have to import huge quantity of wheat, according to the American press. This will cause a spike in prices in the world. Although China meets its cereal needs, the PRC began to acquire land abroad for food security.

As long as people held their breath, watching the riots in the Arab world that threaten oil supplies and a disaster in Japan, the world awaits a new problem: a drought in China could force up food prices and generate new economic crisis. With such a prediction was made by a former member of Congress James Backus.

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Similar forecasts put forward and some other American policies.

Nevertheless, because due to the growth of cities the size of agricultural land is reduced, Beijing is implementing a program of buying up land abroad. According to the testimony Sui Fenfu, chairman of the largest agricultural company in Heilongjiang province, for this purpose in 2005 China spent $ 38 million

In Venezuela and Zimbabwe, the company provides machinery and workers, and it takes over 20% of the crop. In Australia, the Chinese are mainly bought the land. In Brazil and Argentina, it is taken on lease. And in Russia, the company leases land for growing soybeans.

Commenting on the figures provided the Chinese businessman, Portyakov stressed that China develops and foreign resources for development of their country. Russians to surrender the land benefits the Chinese people. For example, in Irkutsk before the winter did not sell fresh vegetables. Now they are - because the Chinese have their cultivated in greenhouses.

We rented the size of the Chinese regions is not great. They work in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Amur Region, Khabarovsk Territory. Tenants were from China and the Volgograd region.
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