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Articles about real estate | In one house to live? This is a very important question. Choices we make, of course, within its means, but usually we are given is not an option of choice. It will own a small house, cottage or apartment in a big house? Will your house is brick, stone, concrete, wood, home of the foam block? What he will shape and what color? As will be decorated with a facade? What will be the roof, windows, doors? All these details in terms of feng shui is not unimportant.

General rules which it is desirable to follow all these
. Whatever your personal tastes and preferences and whether you are building a house themselves, or are about to enter the ready-made, first of all make sure that the house gives the impression of stability and reliability. He must have a good foundation and should be the impression that its nothing and will not budge. Houses on stilts, as well as too narrow and tall buildings do not produce the impression of stability and sustainability, and hence, life here will not be stable and sustainable.

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Make sure that the house produced a pleasing appearances to the outside, and he seemed friendly, cozy, that nothing in his appearance did not seem threatening, repulsive, bearing a vague feeling of anxiety. Gloomy impression is often left at home, a stylized medieval castles, with towers and steeples, narrow lancet windows, gloomy dull dark-red walls with battlements. How would such a house will not be started ghosts and nightmares!

It is not good too complicated architecture, the house should give the impression of a whole, complete songs, rather than put together a variety of parts. If the house - a unified whole, and the family there will be a single entity, does not break apart.

Too high or otherwise stand out house - too bad: it will certainly attract bad energy. In addition, too high a house-tower - is a challenge directed Celestial Chi space. Once you dare to throw a challenge - be ready for serious testing: heaven can start testing your strength, and then the quiet life do not wait.

Now in more detail - about the form of houses, number of floors in it, as well as the material of which it is built. There are no uniform rules for all, all individually, and in selecting appropriate guided element of his year of birth on the Chinese calendar.

Determine the element of his year of birth if the number is simply the year ending in 0 or 1 (eg, 1960.1961) - this year, Metal, 2 and 3-year water ends, 4 and 5 - Wood, b and 7 - Fire. 8 and 9 - the Earth. We only need to remember that a year on the Chinese calendar begins in late January - early February, and until it is the year of birth is considered the previous year.

People born in the Year of Fire, will approach the tall houses of red brick, perhaps adorned with turrets with cupolas, which creates a sense of aspiration upward. It is important that the house stood in the bright spot, where there are a lot of sun, or at least was well lit.

For those born in the Year of the Earth are the most favorable square shapes
. Such people will feel comfortable in a low, squat building on the strong foundation that creates a sense of strength, reliability and stability. The best material - brick, stone, warm, yellowish-brown.

Those born in the year of metal, suitable house with semicircular facade or round protrusions. Home should be light-gray shades, producing a sense of solidity, without any architectural excesses and complex shapes are possible and even desirable, except that the arches, balconies and terraces with a metallic finish. House should not seem so heavy, it should give the impression of lightness, as if hovering in the air.

People born in the Year of Water, suitable house complex shapes with rounded corners or no corners - with a rounded or wavy facade. It requires large windows and even as much as possible of glass - for example, the facade can be fully glazed. Well, if the house is on the coast.

If you were born in the Year of the Tree is really your home any complex shape in which basis - a rectangle, but it should certainly be a variety of outbuildings, terraces, ledges, etc., to generally avoid giving the impression of a matchbox-What is more refined - the better than individual projects - the better. But - no avant-garde, all should be soaked in tradition and give the impression of solidity and respectability. The best material - wood, but in urban areas, where possible, any other acceptable materials, preferably with green trim.

Knowledge of the elements of his year of birth can give food for thought and more about choosing the side of light, which turned the facade. Front - it's the front side of the house, the one hosting the main entrance or the side facing toward the street rather than into the yard. If there is a shop or any facilities, signs are usually just part of the facade.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, every element corresponds to certain corners of the earth. Water - it's north, Fire - South. Land - the south-west and north-east, Metal - west and north-west, Wood - east and south-east. The house is appropriate for your element, it will be for you a cozy and comfortable.
If the house faces the north facade, he belongs to the element of water. Lack of sunlight, the feeling of coolness and half saves from the summer heat, and at other times of the year with good heating makes the house special comfort, a kind of closeness, separateness from the outside world. Inclined to communicate, but subject to influence people find elements of Water in a house like a good safe haven where you can relax and rejuvenate.

If the house faces the south facade, he belongs to the element of Fire. People of this element is well in sunny and bright atmosphere of the house. It supports their activity, vigor, vitality, continuously nurtures their creative energy.

Houses facing facade of the south-west and north-east,
are the elements of the Earth. They are moderately lit, and in them a feeling of depth and spaciousness, as there are open spaces combined with hidden corners, sinking in the penumbra. This is exactly what we need calm, with a rich inner world of the people of Earth to remain something hidden, invisible to the naked eye that there was room for some mystery and there was absolute transparency.

Houses facing fa?ade to the west and northwest, are elements of metal. Here, muted lighting, but uniform, and a man born in the year of Metal, comfortable right where there are no bright spots of light, nor darkness thickened. Matt light gray twilight - what they need to keep their harsh, light, quick energy for power.

Houses facing facade on the east and south-east, are the elements of the Tree. Illumination bright enough, especially in the morning, but not as strong as in southern homes. People born in the Year of the Trees, just and necessary measure in a bright, uniform illumination but that does not hide anything from the eyes, leaves no secrets and omissions and provides an opportunity to rest in the penumbra of light when the sun begins to diminish.

These rules do not necessarily adhere too rigidly. The elements are interconnected with each other, they constantly interact and may either maintain or deplete each other.
So, Fire supports Earth, Earth supports metal, metal supports water, water supports wood, wood supports fire. On the other hand. Metal drains Wood, Wood exhausts Earth, Earth drains water, the water drains fire, Fire depletes Metal.
According to the people element of Fire (southern direction) may well coexist in homes belonging to the elements earth and trees (south-west, northeast, east, south-east).

Fire undesirable people live in the homes of the elements metal and water (north, west, north-west).
People are elements of the earth (south-west, north-east) feel good in the homes of Fire and Metal (south, west, north-west) and are incompatible with the homes of the elements of water and wood (east, south-east, north).
People elemental metal (west, north-west) do not experience any problems in the homes of Earth and Water (south-west, north-east, north) and may not coexist in the homes of wood and fire (east, southeast, south).
People are elements of Water (North) can live in a house belonging to the element of metal or wood (west, northwest, east, south-east). Desirable to settle in the homes of the elements of Fire and Earth (south, south-west, north-east).
Elements of the Tree People (east, south-east) may well coexist in homes elements of Water and Fire (north, south). Undesirable for them to house the elements of Metal and Earth (west, northwest, southwest, northeast).
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