In October, sales of property in Spain fell by 10%

21.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | In October, sales of property in Spain fell by 10% According to recent data published by the National Institute of Statistics, in October sales fell slightly stronger year on year than the previous month, when the number of transactions decreased by 8.6%. October was the sixth consecutive month of falling sales level , reports portal Kyero. In monthly terms, property sales in October fell by 4.4% - significantly more than in the same period a year earlier. From January to October their number decreased by 0.8 % year on year .

Sales of primary housing suffered the most - by 17.6 %, amounting to 10,071 deal in October , while the number of sales in the secondary market decreased by 2.9 % and amounted to 12,699 transactions. Excluding the population density, the leader in the number of transactions was Andalusia ( 5279 sales), followed by Valencia ( 3382 ) , Catalonia ( 3115 ) and Madrid ( 2584 ) . The fewest transactions were registered in October in La Rioja ( 271 ) and Navarre (318) .

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With regard to annual figures , from October 2012 to October 2013 real estate sales rose in Navarre ( 42 %) , the Balearic Islands ( 5.9 %) and Andalusia ( 0.3 %) , while the largest decrease was registered in Asturias (-36 %) , the Basque Country ( -35.6 %) and Castilla- La Mancha ( -34.5 %). Experts still ascertain the glut of properties in Spain.
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