In November, the level of investment in real estate in Kiev amounted to $ 69.3 million

19.12.2011 15:05
Articles about real estate | In November, the level of investment in real estate in Kiev amounted to $ 69.3 million In November 2011, investment in real estate totaled $ 69.35 Kiev million, or $ 12.988 million (23%) higher than in October, said Irina Lukhanin, CEO of the Academy "Blagovest".

The total number of transactions decreased by 4.3% compared with the previous month. Segment up to $ 100 thousand in November, won 60.5% share of the total number of transactions, which is 5% lower than in October. 54% of transactions in this category were presented one-room apartments, two variants share 36% occupied, three-room - 10%.

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Geographically and in demand Holosiivskyi Darnytskyi areas, leaders in the number of deals were Desnyansky, Dnieper and Obolonskiy areas and neighborhoods and Poznyaki Svyatoshino.

Price range $ 100-200 thousand up to November amounted to 26.9%. In comparison with the previous month, the share of this segment decreased slightly - by 0.3%. This category consists mainly of two-bedroom (41.5%) and triple (43.6%) flats, as well as one-room (7.4%) and Multi-Room (7.5%) homes. In this category were dominated by the demand for facilities in Darnytskyi (in particular array Poznyaki) and Goloseyevsky areas, also were popular with buyers Shevchenko and Caves areas of the capital.

In the category of value of $ 200-300 thousand in November was 7.3% of transactions concluded, which is 2.1% more than in October. Here, in equal shares by three-dominated (37%) and Multi (37%) of the apartment. Two-bedroom house was 22.2% in this category. The share of one-bedroom apartments was 3.8%. In this price range, the leaders of the demand and popularity began to Solomensky and Shevchenko areas, as many objects were acquired in Goloseyevsky area.

According to the results of all conducted in November of transactions, the ratio of sales to rental amounted to 50.8% by 49.2% in favor of buying and selling real estate. The situation in which the results of months of interest transactions involving the acquisition of real estate exceeds the share of rental transactions observed for the first time this year.

The most accessible sites, sold in November in the capital, were: one-room apartment of 19 square meters. m (with a shared kitchen) in the lane. Priladnom (Svyatoshinsky area, Akademgorodok), $ 30 thousand, one-room apartment of 26 square. m on the street. ac. The Queen (Svyatoshisky area Borschagivka) worth $ 36 million (1st floor) and one-bedroom apartment of 21 sqm on the street. Ushinsky (Solomensky area Chokolivka), a $ 38 thousand from one-bedroom apartment has the most accessible area of ​​36 sq ft (1st floor) on the street. Metrostroevskoy (Solomensky area Otradnyj), which was sold for $ 48 thousand from the most cost-bedroom apartment option has been an area of ​​60 square meters. m on the street. Resurrection (Dnieper area Voskresenka), which cost the new owner of a $ 67 thousand

"For the past three months we have seen very positive trends in the market. In late October, we saw a week-long lull, associated with uncertain expectations for changing the order of registration of transactions, but in the beginning of November, activity resumed and even increased. In November, we noted the increase in the proportion of deals in the segment 200-300 thousand dollars is a standard situation for a given period - for the New Year demand for expensive housing increases always. This explains the significant increase in investment on the background of a slight reduction in the number of transactions ", - commented Lukhanin II.
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