In New York, built a house a long-dead genius

09.10.2010 11:05
This house is painted one of the most famous architects of the XX century by Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright).<br /><br />He performed a few rough sketches, but did not manage to build a house. Half a century after the death of the master plan completed by his student teacher, and built a mansion exactly and precisely where, as conceived the great American architect.<br /><br />Wife of Joe and Barbara Massaro (Joe, Barbara Massaro) bought the 11-acre island on Lake Mahopac in New York. It turned out that along with the island was purchased a few sketches of beautiful homes. Having dealt with the notes and drawings, the couple learned that they were an outline of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.<br /><br />Massaro hit on the idea to recreate the architect of our plans - and addressed to Thomas Heinz (Thomas A. Heinz) from the American Institute of Architects, the famous pupil Wright. Heinz personally photographed and documented nearly 500 buildings and Wright also participated in the reconstruction of some of his unrealized projects.<br /><br />Heinz spent the whole investigation - visited the island in order to accurately draw a complex area, where Wright would like to build this house. Then he visited a few buildings that Wright painted it on a triangular grid and built (between 1947 and 1953). Heinz even found and carefully reread the letter, which Wright was exchanged with the original customer of the "House on Lake Mahopac," to tell you exactly understand the concept more than half a century ago, and recreate in the concrete and glass is not "my interpretation" and "restore" the original draft.<br /><br />Heinz says that when he first stood under a giant honeycomb glass roof of the House over the lake Mahopac, hair began to stir him from behind your neck (so), because it was a house designed not for them, but long-dead genius.<br /><br />On materials: magazindomov<br />
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