In Moscow, there are «retirement apartment»

17.03.2011 09:55
Articles about real estate | In Moscow, there are «retirement apartment» Unsweet proportion of retirees in Russia makes them constantly seek ways to increase their small income. Why not become a "capital pensioners in this situation?

GdeEtotDom.RU found in Moscow apartment, which defines not only the Russian people, who want to get the metropolitan residence, and retired from the regions, is so calculated to obtain the capital guarantee and increase pensions.

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The fact that the majority of pensioners in our country continues to maintain financial independence after the state pension, which is not able to provide all costs elderly man, has long been known. More surprising that the least protected part of the population began to pay attention to the real estate market, or rather to a conflict that exist in legislation, in order to secure their old age, and slightly increase the size of the existing pension. And reproaching them that it would be absurd for a country that is going to organize the Olympic Games and spends a more than 400 billion rubles. By the way, if the state decided to spend these funds for retirees, then each of them was supposed to be for 12 thousand rubles. Not a bad increase to the existing pension, especially considering the amount of annual compensation.

According GdeEtotDom.RU (more than once wrote about the shadow market of permanent residence in Moscow), conflict in the law that allows owners to prescribe a lot of people in his apartment, has created a market that allows a buyer to share in the capital's apartment, to become full citizens of the capital, and thus get all the social benefits promised by the Moscow government.

This and began to use retired from the regions. By purchasing a share in the metropolitan apartment, they get no increase in the size of the basic pension and supplement that is guaranteed by the city authorities. So, with this year's metropolitan government has decided to increase the pensions of all retirees of the capital to 11 million rubles. As reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta, January 1, idle pensioners will receive no less than 11,000 rubles. Such is the magnitude of the urban social standard, approved by the metropolitan government (last year it amounted to 10,275 rubles). It should be noted that the average pension in the country after the index in February this year, ranging from 5.2 to 8.9 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that for social capital standard retiree from the region have to invest in the purchase of the share capital's apartment. According GdeEtotDom.RU, the minimum cost to purchase a share in the Moscow apartment now stands at 85 thousand rubles. In February, the capital base of real estate offered more than 800 different options for sale of an apartment or a small fraction, which allows to issue permanent registration in Moscow.

It is noteworthy that the legislators have already called attention to the "rubber flats", where the number of prescribed times is more than 100 people. The bill, which establishes the minimum share in the ownership of the dwelling, depending on its total land area, contributed to the Duma at the end of January this year. According to the document, the minimum share ownership of the premises shall be installed according to its total area. With a total area of ??30 square meters. m fraction of the property will not be less than 1 / 3, for premises ranging from 30 to 60 "squares - 1 / 6, from 60 to 120" squares "- 1 / 10.

It is obvious that the initiative of legislators may change the plans are not only many people wishing to "be registered in Moscow, but also retirees who have chosen to become Muscovites at the end of work.
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