In Minregionstroy invented as a shift from the construction site off the ground

23.03.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | In Minregionstroy invented as a shift from the construction site off the ground As we told the Minister of Regional Development and Housing, Anatoly Bliznyuk, now being developed changes to the legislation to allow transfer unfinished housing for people who had invested money in it, so that they could do to finish the apartment and settled. Naturally, with the help of local authorities.

IDEA. According to Bliznyuk, the idea is to transfer the management of unfinished by private investors. "It's their property, and they are the right to dispose of their own apartments. Depending on what stage of readiness of the object, we will consider different options for financial assistance to people. That is, the state would help end the object ", - says Bliznyuk.

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Idea is supported in the KSCA. "The fact that so many unfinished projects, there is wine, and government agencies. This is because we do not keep track of all the machinations of developers, and I had to think who to allocate land. Head of Kyiv City State Administration has submitted to the Cabinet proposals, which speak of our readiness to take on the function of the customer "- told us the deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Michael Kucuk. However, the city is ready to cooperate exclusively with private investors.

"If a person has a receipt from the bank for payment, then we'll work with him on such a scheme. For those who just passed the money and then stayed out of work and come up with another scheme of work "- promised Kucuk. According to him, where the contractor is declared bankrupt, have to wait for changes in legislation. "As with the complex on the Sosninykh Families, 4-a. There, the developer declared bankrupt, but by law we can not take up the construction site until the company did not give this good "- says Kucuk.

INVESTORS. Private investors are ready to finish the house themselves, but the authorities do not believe. "I bought an apartment for families Sosninykh for $ 74 thousand, and no money, no apartment. There were a few days in the KSCA, but nothing concrete has been heard. We do not believe that the government can help "- told us a private investor" kopeck piece, "Gregory. A private investor, "Dnipro Towers" on Troyeschina Tatyana Shalman said that requests a year to give one of the unfinished projects.

"We have brought together 186 people who are ready to finish one of the houses. He is almost ready, and left to bring communication. About a year we ask him to tell us, but in vain, "- Tatiana told us. Developers say that the initiative of the authorities will work only if you approach it comprehensively. "We must all unfinished divided into three categories: neproblemnye which was built more than the money invested, conditional problem, where a normal developer, who just need a little money to complete construction. And the third category - the problem. There, the authorities are obliged to complete the construction due to the budget ", - told us the deputy chairman of BP on the construction of Igor Lisov.

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