In Marseille, vacant for more than 30 000 houses

12.02.2011 17:44
Abandoned buildings are destroyed in Marseilles, as a house of cards.

On the Rue de la Fare in an old house, which formerly belonged to the sculptor Jules Cantin, no one has lived for ten years. Inside - just dust and drafts. Since then, as the last residents left the house in 2002, it gradually breaks down. "The city authorities plan to occupy this building, but how many centuries will pass before that happens - is unknown" - outraged members of the association "Downtown for All» (Un centre ville pour tous).

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Also, for many years, the authorities promised to rebuild a dwelling house abandoned barracks of the gendarmerie and the occupy vacant building the company Électricit? de France (EDF). Two houses in the center of Marseilles, where homeless people lived for years, and have not been redeemed, and in 2009 it collapsed.

According to the evaluation charity Abbe Pierre to help homeless people in Marseilles empty about 34 thousand buildings - 7% real estate in the city. By a strange coincidence, in Marseille, about the same number - over 30,000 - the homeless and people in need of better housing conditions.

Abbe Pierre Foundation and Association, Right to Housing »(Droit au logement, DAL) require that the power of Marseille bought vacant houses and handed them to the needy. Such measures provided for by law in 1945, according to which the requisition (alienation) of property can be used in an emergency. "Obviously, in Marseille - extreme social situation", - said Sebastian Barley, a member of the political organization of Europe Ecologie.
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