In Malaysia, designed the first «vodoskreb»

30.12.2010 10:15
Articles about real estate | In Malaysia, designed the first «vodoskreb» Malaysian architects came up with the project construction under the name hO2 + scraper, which is like a skyscraper, but not over us, and goes under water and is completely environmentally safe, writes

How to describe the project's creator - architectural firm Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum, "Vodoskreb" is a self-contained floating city, which will produce energy by waves, wind and sun, as well as produce their own food through agricultural land, located in the Subsoil Thereof, aquaculture and hydroponic technology.

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"Biolyuministsentnye tentacles, which are attached to the bottom of the facility will store energy due to its kinetic movements and provide habitat for marine life. In addition, they - along with the ballast system - will keep the design alive.

In the future, you can create entire "metapolisov" consisting of such "vodoskrebov, the more that 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water.

The project was presented at the annual competition of skyscrapers eVolo Skyscraper Competition.
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