In Lviv, the earth twice as expensive as in Donetsk

16.03.2011 14:53
Articles about real estate | In Lviv, the earth twice as expensive as in Donetsk Lviv is one of four Ukrainian cities, where land prices are among the highest. The most expensive land in Kiev and Lviv is twice as expensive as in Donetsk. This was reported by Eric Parsadanyan, a member of the parliamentary committee on land use of the Lviv city council.

June 18, 2009 the Lviv city council has decided to regulatory monetary evaluation of land on which the established average base price for 1 sq. m of land - 470.29 USD. Preliminary price - 185 USD.

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"We have introduced a 40% discount on rental of land and established a working group to bring in a proper state of monetary assessment" - assured Ruslan Valko, secretary of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on the engineering sector, transport and communications of the Lviv city council.

"Even at 40% discount, lease some land increases by 4-5 times. Just imagine if there were no discounts, how many times has increased the price then. One and a half years, this question no one was interested ", - said Eric Parsadanyan.

Cost of 1 sq. m of land is calculated from the base price multiplied by the inflation rate (last year amounted to 1.22) and taking into account the location and purpose of land.

All land in Lviv separated on 75 economic planning zones and 359 assessment areas. The maximum cost per square meter - 2539.58 USD and the minimum - 27.28 UAH.

"After the entry of a new monetary value minimum price of 1000 UAH. Can not land on the outskirts of town cost as much as in the center. Should be industrial zones. This is all the old European cities, so the division of land in Lviv on 75 zones is justified ", - said Eric Parsadanyan.

One of the problems of Lviv is that some older plants have a state acts on the ground for 49 years, and this is an extremely inefficient use of land resources of the city, as to pay rent, they can not and do not return the land.
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