In Lviv, the controversy surrounding the land for airport expansion

23.10.2008 00:00
With the reconstruction of the state enterprise "Airport Lions' problems can occur. Landowners refuse to sell their lands to expand the airfield. Lviv airport belongs to the key sites in preparation for the European football championship Euro-2012 ", says Deutsche Welle." Despite claims of officials, that the reconstruction of the airport is within a schedule that consistently from UEFA, the problematic issues still arise. To extend the runway needed nearby land - a total of 19 hectares. Village councils are not enthusiastic about this idea, and not all landowners give their consent.

Head of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Lviv Regional State Administration Stepan Lukashik reported that there are several solutions to this problem. "Ukrainian law, there exists a position as the confiscation of land for public purposes. A procedure for how it is done. There will be no agreement, it will use the legislative field. Other way we have not "- said Lukashik.

According to the schedule, the redemption of land shares to end in March. The problem is that the money is budgeted for next year. However, an official sees no threat. "This facility is strategically important for Ukraine, so the ministry would monitor the financial issue. "If the problems will arise through the delay in the state budget, the airport, as the economic structure must find the means", - said Head of Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Lviv Regional State Administration.
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