In Lugansk, there is no activity in the property market

05.11.2010 16:31
Articles about real estate | In Lugansk, there is no activity in the property market In Lugansk not observed activity in the property market. Told "" announced today that Director of Real Estate Agency "TIS" Rada Svyatoshenko.

"Everything is still. If there is activity, then quite small. In the summer it was even better, "- noted Council Svyatoshenko.

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Thus, two-bedroom "Khrushev" in the eastern neighborhoods of 44 squares will cost an average of 25 thousand dollars, three-room "Khrushev" 60 squares - about $ 30,000, depending on the state and floors.

In downtown two-bedroom "Khrushev" will cost about 30 thousand dollars.

In the quarter, peace-bedroom apartment with improved design would cost an average of $ 35,000, two-bedroom - $ 40 thousand dollars.

Recall that in September, according to Rada Svyatoshenko, price per square meter of housing in Lugansk today was $ 700-800.

In Lugansk, no price hike in fall flat, as there is demand.
"This is so that people have no money and no credit" - told Parliament Svyatoshenko.

"The demand is there, but people want to buy cheap, so everyone is looking for cheaper," - noted Council Svyatoshenko.
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