In Lugansk region built cottage

23.11.2010 15:38
Articles about real estate | In Lugansk region built cottage The new cottage complex Under the Hill in the Luhansk region are invited to invest. Throughout the last time marked by increasingly active development of cottage building in the country, as residents are beginning to prefer their own home and land plots which are located near large population centers. Only reinforces this tendency successful experience, which was a segment on the markets of Western countries. To date, houses are built on new, much more sophisticated technologies, resulting in, for the erection of the dwelling does not require a large plot of land and large investments. The main category of citizens that are targeted companies engaged in the construction of this kind is the middle class. For information, homeownership cottage type have been popular even during the height of the crisis. Home, the area did not exceed 200 square meters, located in the townships in which well-developed infrastructure, readiness which reaches 70%, sold more active than conventional apartments or other rural property.

The new cottage complex «Under the Hill» in the Luhansk region are invited to invest. His concepts are developed, taking into account consumer preferences and the most popular places on the site which will be located. Thus, the project includes the construction of houses of cottage type and infrastructure aimed at leisure, sport and entertainment on the area of 39.87 hectares. The composition of the town «Under the Hill», which will be built in the village of B. Tarasivka go down two different areas: the first of these will be implemented as a cottage-type hotel. In the future, their lease for temporary accommodation and recreation. This zone will consist of 62 objects and place not far from the sports and entertainment complex infrastructure.

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The second part shall build the cottages, designed for permanent residence. These homes will be located on the land area of 12 and 20 ares. The first type would be a 41 cottage, the area of each of which will be 120 square meters. In turn, the site of 20 hectare will contain another 25 homes in the area of 50 square meters and 62 houses in an area of 80 square meters. In general, planned to build 200 houses in the village of «Under the Hill».

Also planned infrastructure, which includes tennis courts, football fields, gyms, children's recreation area and many other elements of sport, recreation and entertainment.
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