In Kiev, they want to simplify the reconstruction of apartments: architects are afraid of collapses of buildings

12.05.2012 09:15
Articles about real estate | In Kiev, they want to simplify the reconstruction of apartments: architects are afraid of collapses of buildings In the capital, offered to reduce the list of documents for the redevelopment.

The authorities have decided to streamline the rules for remodeling apartments and make life easier for the people of Kiev. In the future, they will not have to stand in long lines in the corridors of the capital's central board of architecture, but it is enough to apply to the district administration and obtain permission or refusal of officials.

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"Why do people run into town and stand in long queues. Let all be solved in the regions ", - said Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration Michael Kucuk. Now, however, discuss two draft decisions - one of the KSCA and the second - from the deputies. In Kyiv City Council believes that it is necessary to shift all responsibility for the demolition of the walls with officials at the designers and architects who make alterations. They say the only way to avoid corruption. The site has already appeared KSCA two draft decisions on redevelopment, one of which can take at the end of May.

AUTHORITY. According to the project KSCA, apartment owners have to write an application for alterations to the RGA, to make a package of documents (copy of passport, copy of the ownership of the apartment, the form number 3, the consent of all owners of apartments, a copy of registration certificate, consent housing department, pre-proposal). And within 10 days of RGA will issue an order which will give good or refuse to redevelop. After repairs to your home comes the commission, headed by the WGA's deputy chief of staff, and carefully check that all you have done correctly. Only then will amount to an act that you can go to the BTI for new documents.

"We are still far from Europe, so the trust can not design firms. Who is glad that someone at his bedroom made a bathroom? And there are alterations in Kiev very much, "- says Kucuk.

Kyivrada. Deputies offer your project. "I myself was forced to legalize alterations to help people, so I had it took six months", - said deputy Sergei Kyivrada Krymchaks. According to him, Kiev should simply provide the project and documents in the RGA. Within 10 days, there must either be motivated to deny or to remain silent, which means the agreement. "Take to the commission of the RGA, which is only a check in the project work. And no fire, SES!

A designer will be responsible and the owner "- says Krymchaks. Architect George Duhovichny believes that the number of permits to redevelop really need to cut, but the responsibility of prescribing the landlord, designer and performer, "But I'm afraid of chaos. Remember the house on Krasnoarmeyskaya, which fell due to the redevelopment? We buy homes and then it all rework. Violate the electricity system, where the ventilation for the bathroom, equipped bedroom in the closet - a toilet. We must choose what is right. "
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