In Kiev there is a new «Elite-Center» under the title «Olympic Park»

25.08.2010 13:15
Articles about real estate | In Kiev there is a new «Elite-Center» under the title «Olympic Park» 163 Investor cottage Olympic Park near Kiev, a public association of the Investors. This «proUA» told members of the association.

According to them, "to construct the town and its infrastructure were made during 2007-2009. the persistence of violations of obligations, missed deadlines, the gross violations of building codes, in connection with systematic violations of many houses had to disassemble the foundation and build anew. In December 2009 the construction work stopped in the town.

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"Since the beginning of every half-year sales guidance LLC beam-Bud" postdated deadlines in the town. On repeated attempts to obtain reliable information on the status of beam-Bud Ltd, received oral refusals. During 2009, all work in the town were carried out in the sluggish current mode on several households. And with the end of 2009, all stopped.

Today in the town there is no completely unfinished houses, no roads, fences, not summed communication, there is no promised kindergarten, school and park zone. No all that was promised to us to surrender before the end of 2009. There is even information, when and how it will be delayed, where and what has been spent our money? In total, LLC beam-Bud received from us more than 280 million hryvnia! "- Say investors.

"In April this year from public sources, we learned about the change of ownership LLC beam-bud. Now the company owns 100% of Kirill Dmitriev, Managing Partner and President of the fund Icon Private Equity, one of the largest players in the private equity market in Russia and CIS. Regular attempts to obtain information from Mr. Dmitriev failed.

From us to continue to conceal information about the real state of affairs! In the current actions of Mr. Dmitriev and leadership LLC beam-bud, we see direct criminal acts against investors Olympic Park "- say the members of the public association of investors cottage Olympic Park.

Investors Olympic Park required to "conduct an open meeting for investors and provide official information about the current state of affairs in the town, provide a financial report on the expenditure of funds attracted investors in 2007-2010.; Compensate for the loss of investors associated with missed deadlines start the town."

HELP. In 2007 Nicholas Lagoon founded the project the biggest in Ukraine cottage Olympic Park on 1090 households. Land area of 245 hectares located 19 km from Kiev to Zhitomir highway. Project Management Company LLC acted as beam-Bud.

Term Start 1-th stage of the town (100 ha on 410 households) was planned for summer 2009. Plots of land for cottage building sold at prices several times higher than the market itself Nikolay Lagun, and Alexander Dmitriev.
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