In Kiev, stopped construction of the subway

06.08.2008 00:00
In Kiev, through the construction of metro line in the Towers - Kurynivska-line Red Army - in the streets Vassilkovskaya and Andrei Bubnov occurred failures of the soil.
At the intersection of these streets began to fall way - formed hole diameter of five meters. At fault is visible pipe, and next to a column posted sign: "Caution - gas pipeline." The street Vassilkovskaya - two houses below - was discovered the second failure, which is already filled, but the place is fenced.

As reported in the city administration, "Kievgas" very quickly removed the leak and repaired gazopodachu on a temporary scheme, reports UNIAN referring to the "facts".

"The threats that the homes being built over the subway tunnel will start sliding, no", - assured the Head of Department of Emergency Vital Wheat.

He stressed that the conclusion made by members of the special committee, which twice visited the site. Wheat said that the first failure in the course of the construction of subway lines has happened two weeks ago. Then was stopped tunneleprohodchesky shield voids concreted, condensed ground and continued to work. But last Friday, again formed failure: at the crossroads Vassilkovskaya and Andrei Bubnov was damaged gas wells and sewage systems.

Tunneleprohodchesky shield metrostroevtsev, according to the "facts" until stopped. This week will make additional measurements of soil density and the geophysical survey area, where will the tunnel. Only then will resume underground work. Thus hope to avoid in future such situations. Why are there changes of soil, experts still can not say definitely.

According Pshenychny, there are three possible reasons. Firstly, when the old flow of communication in the ground water are formed, "bags". Shield at laying the tunnel cuts a part of this "bag", the water comes out, and the ground collapses. Secondly, underground streams and groundwater. Thirdly, the soil itself is not homogenous - sand and clay, and this too can cause failure.

Today, all public utilities, whose communications are held on site construction of the subway tunnel, consolidated the construction project their individual emergency personnel, if necessary, to respond quickly. Cracks in the apartments and the entrances of houses nearby subway construction there.

As reported earlier, before the end of this year, city authorities have planned opening of three subway stations on Kurynivska-Chervonoarmiiska line in the direction of Towers: "Demievskaya", "Golosiyivska" and "Vasilkovskoy.
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