In Kiev razoblachyly hromkuyu kvartyrnuyu scam

02.12.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | In Kiev razoblachyly hromkuyu kvartyrnuyu scam In Kiev - a new scam with arendoy housing. People platyat ryeltoru and the rent in advance, and after Several days hozyaeva ukazыvayut th at the door. Experts ãîâîðÿò, that ryeltorы, rabotaya in shovore s hozyaevamy, sdayut one and then same housing several times a month and zarabatыvayut very nemalenkye money. NO Do you like MY Weekly Radio

Kyevlyanka Mary rasskazala , that Nedeli Two withdrew back through ryeltora dropped off at st. Olejnik , 17. " The very Gilles did not find smohla , Therefore obratylas k broker. Mne named address I Tuda poehala herself hozyayka showed dropped off , We have agreed on tsenu , and I otpravylas for veschamy . When she returned , then the spot has been ryeltor for EE services I otdala 850 USD. ÎÍÀ has provided us with hozyaykoy cops on contract, predupredyla , that in the event of problems I have relocated position , and ushla . Two day hozyayka reported that hey do not podhodyt is my work schedule , and asked sъehat . Although We obsuzhdaly , mo how many I'll go away and come. Broker otkazalas Help and vozvraschat Money , said that the treaty does not mean Nothing "- Mary rasskazala us .

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Vladimir Syvokon s ​​Woman asked hozyayka month stay in second spot , after something pryezzhaet uh Son . " I send Announcement on the site on the Internet. We withdrew two-room apartment in the Towers . Paid for two month and a half else with Two thousand UAH otdaly ryeltoru . And three Nedeli pozvonyla hozyayka and asked Where Does anyone pereehat . Like, Son of the second city edet Reshat svoy issues. A flat - ego. Mafia , assured , we may Leave . And vice versa Money otdavat otkazalas . I think something Edinstvennaya We do not sacrifice ÝÒÎÉ women. We druhuyu apartment and I send to again pay ryeltoru . Warranty, something me and ÍÈÊÒÀ not vыselyt Hence , nykakoy "- Vladimir pozhalovalsya us .

Can byt SHOVOR

Experts ÃÎÂÎÐÿÒ real estate market , that Such cases are Often . "I'm all about this slыshu chashche and chashche . And rasskazыvayut colleagues , and Clients zhaluyutsya , - said Anastasia ryeltor Nakonechnaya . - And although ryeltorы not dolzhnы vozvraschat Money , but all rehulyruetsya poryadochnostyu . I , for example , ask people , if something 's not ustroylo , soobschyt me about this in techenye weeks. Then podыschu im new flat position . " Member of the Association of Professional Property Arthur Pylypczuk ÒÎÆÅ slыshal at ÝÒÎÉ scam. " Usually people are not so zanymayutsya of agencies and chastnыe ryeltorы , kotorыe mogut be in the shovore s hozyaevamy ."

In mylytsyy ÃÎÂÎÐÿÒ , that complaints rolled it did not act . " This is not uholovnoe crime , and of civil and legal relations. Therefore sovetuem sostavlyat correctly Agreement ", - said spyker metropolitan mylytsyy Olga Bilyk .

A SHM yurystы schytayut that this is not something ynoe , How Fraud . "This is definitely uholovnoe crime - Fraud . Hozyaeva s ryeltoramy , It seems in shovore . Alas , we view structure , kotoraja kontrolyruet problems with arendoy . I'm in such cases sovetuyu obratytsya and in mylytsyyu , and in nalohovuyu and soobschyt in ZHЭK at Tom , that is sdayut apartment. Let proveryat , whether they platyat taxes ", - said Edward pravozaschytnyk Bahyrov . Online sovetuet vnymatelno Read the contract, kotorыy zaklyuchayut tenant with arendodatelem . There dolzhna byt ITEMS pozvolyayuschyh dosrochno rastorhat treaty and vыstavlyat people on the street .
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